CCTV Relocation & Alarm Relocation

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閉路電視搬遷 | 防盜系統搬遷服務
CCTV Relocation & Alarm Relocation

公司是持有由香港警務處發出的保安牌照 號碼 : 1507 電業承辦商 : 029394

           保安及護衞業管理委員會保安局-保安及護衞業管理委員會-香港持牌保安公司 從事第三類別保安工作的持牌公司名單


我們專注為:  店鋪 , 村屋 , 學校 , 商舖 , 社區中心, 貨倉及物流倉, 辦公室, 廠房, 停車場, 數據中心, 大廈, 屋苑 ,提供閉路電視 , 防盜系統工程!是你唯一信任保安系統公司。全港各區上門安裝 / 檢查維修 /保養閉路電視及防盜系統.


CCTV Relocation & Alarm Relocation

Our professional team is well-equipped with over 14 years’ solid experience in CCTV & Alarm relocation service. Our successful track record proves that we are the expertise.

We understand your security concern when choosing relocation service. A free consulting meeting is offered to listen to your specific needs. Before moving, effective measurements are conducted to minimize risk and comprehensive plan is formulated to ensure every issue is addressed. Logistic arrangement is our specialty that assures your machines are relocated safely punctually.

Our one-stop service provides you a reliable and value-added relocation experience. Why not give us a chance, contact us now!

自置物業 信心之選


Our Work Flow in IT Relocation

  1. Consulting Meeting
  • Customer’s Requirements Determination
  • Relocation Service Introduction
  1. Site Survey
  • Site Environment Inspection (path, door, lift and so on)
  1. Quotation
  2. Order Confirmed
  3. Planning
  • Equipment List Verification
  • Equipment Condition Inspection
  1. Kick-Off Meeting
  • Relocation Details Discussion
  • SOW Statement
  • Equipment List Corroboration
  1. Scheduling
  • Relocation Date Confirmation
  1. Preparation
  • Resource Arrangement
  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • Power Recycle Test
  • Relocation Rundown
  • Labeling
  • Port Mapping
  • Rack Layout
  1. Relocation
  • Engineer and Labor Arrangement
  • Equipment Delivery
  • Material Preparation (flight case, security ties, aircraft belt and so on)
  • Floor Protection
  • De-Rack and Re-Rack Equipment
  • Health Check
  • Cabling
  1. Review Meeting
  • Relocation Progress Review
  • Acceptance Form Signature
  1. Project Completed



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