Server Relocation & PC Relocation


Server Relocation & PC Relocation

Your IT infrastructure, particularly your servers, is the lifeblood of your organization. We know this; we understand it and we maintain it throughout your relocation project, because IT relocation is our core business.

At KNS, we provide excellence by placing great emphasis on the smallest detail and thorough planning. Before the relocation, our in-house engineer will work with the customer to design the new server rack planning and confirm the server rack diagram. This diagram will record the details of the server room such as: power connection, switch connection and more in order to clarify details with our clients.


KNS IT TEAM Relocation Scope of Services
  • Collect Existing Server & Network Equipment Connection information :
  • IP Connection, Power Connection, Switch Connection
  • New Server Room / Server Rack Layout Planning & Documentation
  • Included All Server Rack Layout and each Rack Connection Detail
  • New Server Room Server Rack to Rack Connection Layout Planning & Documentation
  • Server Connection Layout for LAN, Power, KVM
  • Switch Port Mapping Layout for Server
  • LAN Cable, KVM & Power Cable Labelling
  • LAN /Fiber Cable Patching and Cable Management on day of relocation
  • Power Cord Connection & Cable Management on Move Day



    Our project managers precisely plan each project, so we can guarantee the best service and complete the relocation on time and within 8 hours, regardless of the size of the server room and the project


    We have the professional relocation specialist for our Server Relocation projects to ensure quality and the most efficient methods of removing and relocating your IT equipment.


    We insist on maintaining a complete set of documentation to clearly record every process of the relocation project in order to quickly spot and minimize the impact of any problems that may arise.


    KNS System Limited was founded in 2003.
    Over the years track record means that we have a wide range knowledge, experience and flexible resource that Is able to support a wide range of client needs, both during and in preparation of a major change period.

We Provide Server Relocation Schedule

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