Structured Cabling

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Structured Cabling

KNS A reliable network is built on a reliable structured cabling system. If the cable system is only designed to accommodate today’s head count, flexibility to service other locations when in need will be limited. Therefore, the design should include the maximum number of locations that can be physically accommodated. With the rapid change in networking technologies, any cabling design based on an application or vendor’s equipment will not be cost effective in the life cycle of the system.

LAN Cabling Systems


Category 5e Structured Cabling

Cat 5e Solutions are capable to carry up to one Gigabit of data per second over an Ethernet channel, making it the ideal solution for today’s small to medium-sized companies.



Category 6 /6A Structured Cabling

Category 6 is considered to be the best horizontal solution for most enterprise by combining high performance for today, room for growth tomorrow, and high reliability and efficiency. The range of systems include 10Gigabit solutions offering bandwidth up to 500MHz with extensive headroom on channel performance.

Recommended uses:

  • Typical 5-10 years building life
  • Typical enterprise applications – Fast Ethernet & Gigabit Ethernet
  • 10Gigabit variants for high data environments and datacentres
  • Where reliability is considered vital for business
  • Typical office or indoor light industrial environments


Category 7 Structured Cabling

Category 7 is the highest performance standards compliant, copper solution available in the market.  This Category solution provides backwards compatible to perform beyond 1000MHz and features the revolutionary GG45 connector.

Recommended uses:

  • Very long lifetime needs (>15years)
  • Composite analogue & high speed digital data
  • Multiple service applications (voice, data, video using different pairs in the same cable)
  • Very high electromagnetic noise environments
  • Installations where the replacement cost is very high (e.g. ships etc.)


Optical Fibre

There are wide applications for Fibre Optic cabling; its use is increasing due to the evolve of bandwidth hungry data networks. As the increases in user numbers and bandwidth requirements in the copper data network, so the Fibre backbone cabling is often over looked resulting in decreasing network performance. We can survey, test performance, specify and install the correct Fibre Optic cable to your requirements. Fibre to the desk is a way of future proofing your network cabling and offers a competitive Fibre communication solution for internal Fibre Optic networks. KNS engineers are Fibre Optic cabling specialists and are able to carry out Fibre Optic network installations of tight buffered and loose tube Fibres internally  and externally by using either direct or fusion splice terminating techniques.

  • In the backbone or to the desk, optical networks achieve peak performance with fibre, connectors, patch cords, raceways, and panels featuring integrated cable management and bend radius protection.
  • Inter/Intra-building Block Wiring Solution
  • Cabling Re-Patching Service


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