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Aiphone GTA-DESB


Aiphone GTA-DESB

10-Key Audio Entrance Panel Kit


  • Contains GT-DB audio module and GT-NSB digital display and directory
  • GT-10K keypad for direct dialing and access control
  • Includes GF-3F frame and the GF-3B flush back box
  • VFD screen displays a customizable greeting message, tenant directory, and system status
  • Surface mount the GTA-DESB with the steel GT-103HB

Power Source

24V DC, use specified number of
PS-2420UL per system configuration


Hands-free from entrance panel to
tenant station


Max. 16 Entry panels per system
Max. 4 Concierge stations per system
Max. 500 Tenant stations per system
Max. 4 Tenant stations per unit


2-conductor, PE insulation
Aiphone #872002, 2-conductor PE
insulated, non-shielded, 11.05 pf/ft (Audio)

Wiring Distance:

GT-BC to farthest entrance: 980′
GT-BC to farthest tenant (audio): 980′