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Aiphone Intercom App Type B – Mobile APP Virtual Expansion Station


The best of both worlds!

A call from your video doorbell rings an on-site monitor up to eight smartphones or tablets with the app installed. After answering the call, you can see and speak with your visitor then easily unlock the door using the slider button on the app.


Aiphone Intercom App Type B – Mobile APP Virtual Expansion Station

This mobile app establishes a connection with your video doorbell while you’re on the go. Answer your door, see and speak with visitors from virtually anywhere. If a call is ever missed, the hard wired master stores recordings which can be viewed with through the app.

All this security and convenience is backed by Aiphone’s quality and award-winning customer support. Our commitment to your satisfaction is equivalent to our commitment to supplying quality products. Second to none.

  • Receive calls from your video doorbell for on-the-go security and convenience
  • Talk to visitors from virtually anywhere
  • Works with a variety of smart devices like mobile phones and tablets
  • Video doorbell rings up to eight devices
  • Activate the video camera in your door station
  • View recorded calls with your wireless device
  • Enhance home security systems
  • See and talk with visitors before granting them access
  • In-app door release uses a sliding button to prevent accidental unlocking


Max installs per JO System

8 Devices

Door Release

Slider activates dry contacts on JO-1MDW on-site monitor

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Upload Minimum Bandwidth: