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Aiphone PD-2


Aiphone PD-2

Paging/Talkback Adaptor

Used with TB-H/B and provides paging/talkback from handsets to an overhead PA system



  • Provides paging/talkback from TD-H handsets to an overhead PA system
  • Single or multi-zones
  • Music source connection, automatically mutes when paging



5KΩ, 1.5V max.

Amp. Input

AUX or PHONO 100K~500KΩ, 0.12V~0.5V

Music Input

17KΩ, 0.3V, 1KHz for full output

Tuner Output

Audio output range: 100mV~1.2V, 10KΩ or less

Talkback Gain

40dB, 1KHz at max. volume

Environmental Noise

Less than 80dB (phono)

Wire Type

Adaptor to Amplifier: 2-cond., overall shield – use Aiphone #822202
Adaptor to Master Station: 3-cond.,overall shield – use Aiphone #822203