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Dahua ASF280B Double Door Magnetic Lock


Double Door Magnetic Lock

> 280KG * 2 Anti-pull
> Built-in reverse current protection device(MOV)
> Aluminum shell with high strength alloy material
> Electromagnetic suction work completely, there is no mechanical failure
> Can be set DC12V or DC24V
> The residual magnetic design proof, wear materials
> Double lock body insulation treatment

Working voltage DC12V/DC24V
Working current 240mA/480mA
Anti-pull 280kg*2
Frameless glass door Equipped with ASF280U/ASF280F stents
Open inward door Equipped with ASF280ZL /ASF280L stents
Overall dimensions 500*47*26mm
Weight 4.0kg
Working Environment
Working temperature -30°C~+60°C
Working humidity ≤95%