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TYCO VideoEdge Virtual NVR

  • Enhanced Facial Biometrics support for up to 10K Identities.
  • VideoEdge Virtual NVR optimized for rapid deployment and higher performance.
  • Maintain cyber resilience via VideoEdge OS update to OpenSUSE 15.1.
  • New C•CURE 9000 separate server integration for mixed critical access control / video applications.
  • Person based re-Identification Intelligent Search.
  • Facial updates include enrollment from a still image or paused video


Manage More and Save Valuable Resources

The powerful VideoEdge solution can now be managed via a VMware® appliance to optimize
performance and strengthen fit into IT-managed facilities. The enterprise-scale of this
modern architecture allows it to support up to 1200 Mbps on a single configured platform
with industry-leading throughput. Combine with the Tyco Transcoder and Tyco Analytics
Appliance to add more channels to meet live streaming and business intelligence capabilities.
This simplified installation makes it an ideal option for existing and new systems.

Improve Response and Safety with Intelligent Designs and AI Features

Once added to the system, powerful AI and intelligent video analytic features such as
person-based intelligent search and area occupancy are combined and integrated with the
victor/ VideoEdge solution to strengthen operational efficiency and effectiveness. By simply
allocating a license to a camera, the system will immediately begin collecting behavioral
metadata that can be leveraged for reporting key performance indicators (KPIs) and trigger
real-time alarms. Detect suspicious objects and abnormal behavior to identify trends that
help mitigate threats, and pinpoint exact location of alarms on maps to arm security teams with
life-saving details. With the powerful, automated and forensic search capabilities powered by
Tyco AI, victor/ VideoEdge users are able to save time when minutes matter. Additional tools
that help with both live streaming and forensic investigation include Smart Streaming and
Smart Search. Smart Streaming reduces client hardware requirements while viewing more
cameras simultaneously without increasing bandwidth usage. Smart Search finds specific video
clips based on metadata from behaviors, analytics and event details within a forensic region of interest.

Ensure Reliability and Business Continuity with a Cybersecurity Program

The Virtual VideoEdge NVR has been designed to be resilient against cyber-threats. Our products are gated, analyzed, tested and
required to meet or exceed the rigorous standards of the Johnson Controls Cyber Solutions Product Security Program for every
consecutive release. This holistic approach is aimed at providing peace of mind to our customers. Our security mindset begins at initial
design concept and is supported through deployment, including a rapid incident response to meet the comprehensive and evolving
cybersecurity environments.

Recommended Virtual Specifications

Number of IP StreamsUp to 64 camerasUp to 128 camerasUp to 300 cameras
Throughput300 Mbps600 Mbps1200 Mbps
Virtual ServerVMware ESXi 6.0
Operating SystemVideoEdge JeOS (based on openSUSE Linux Operating System)
vCPU8 vCPU12 vCPU28 vCPU
CPU Reservation12,000MHz20,000MHz47,600MHz
Memory Reservation8GB16GB38GB
Dedicated Ethernet(2) 1GbE(2) 1GbE(2) 10GbE
Min Video Storage4TB4TB6TB
Average IOPS (ISCSI SAN RAID 10)260400500
USB2.0 or 3.0
TranscodingAdd transcoding channels via the Tyco Transcoder appliance

Ordering Information

Model NumbersDescription
ADVEVIRTVirtual VideoEdge NVR base license, 1 year SSA, no camera or analytics licenses (Local)
ADVC-VEVIRTVirtual VideoEdge NVR base license, 1 year SSA, no camera or analytics licenses (Centralized on vAS)
TYCTRNSCDRTyco Transcoder, adds 14 channels of transcoded video to VideoEdge NVR’s.
TYCVAAPPLTyco Analytic Appliance, supports Video Intelligence Analytics and LPR

Camera Connection Licenses

Model NumbersDescription
ADVEC01*VideoEdge NVR Add-on 1 IP camera license