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Design XS – Mullion Wall Reader

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Design XS – Mullion Wall Reader

The SALTO slim wall reader for flush mounting has been specially designed to fit lifts, sliding doors or electronic gate doors that have a narrow profile frame, and where there is insufficient space to install a standard wall reader.


  • Compact slim reader module design reader.
  • Specially designed for narrow or aluminium profile doors, making the installation quick and easy with minimal impact.
  • Fully integrated with the SALTO XS4 platform.
  • Virtual network capable through SALTO SVN data-on-card technology.
  • Modern aesthetic design with green/red and blue clear LED colour optical signal.
  • Blue light indicates that the user key update is in progress through SALTO Virtual Network technology.
  • Acoustic and optical signalling, dual colour green/red to indicate access authorisation.
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor, design for optimum weather resistance: Electronics potted in resin.

Technical Characteristics

  • The wall mounting is very easy. The width is less than 40mm which make it compatible with standard door frames.
  • To be used in combination with controllers (CU42xxx or SALTO KS controllers (CU41xxx).
  • Connection to the door controller: 4 wires.
  • Designed to work with an online SVN access control platform, with a stand-alone system or cloud-based SALTO KS access control platform.
  • Maximum distance between the door controller and the wall reader 400m1 using a twisted pair cable.
  • Reading distance from 35 to 50mm depending on the RFID technology.

Technology platforms

  • SVN data-on-card
  • JustIN Mobile – Digital Key
  • Cloud Service
  • Digital Key
  • Smart Tag

Technical Drawing