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HIKVISION DS-KIS301 Apartment Analog Kit

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HIKVISION DS-KIS301 Apartment Analog Kit

Apartment Analog Kit

  • Analog Kit for apartment
  • DS-KD3002-VM x 1
  • DS-KH3200-L x 1
  • DS-KAD312 x 1
  • 24v power supply for DS-KAD312 x 1
  • 12v power adapter for DS-KD3002-VM x 1
  • European power supply adaptor included (please mark for other standards when you order)

Door Station

Basic Functions

  • Video intercom function
  • Access control function
  • Issues cards via door station, up to Max. 2500 cards, via outer door station, up to 50000 cards (This function will be invalid if the card has been issued via the client.)
  • Card readers supported
  • Self-adaptive visible light supplement

Video/Audio Functions

  • HD video surveillance with high performance CMOS
  • Noise suppression and echo cancellation
  • H.264 video compression
  • Low illumination

Alarm Functions

  • Tampering alarm and door magnetic alarm supported
  • Auto-uploads alarm messages to master station or the client once the duress code is entered to open the door
    Additional Features
  • Remote unlocking via the client
  • Message notification function
  • Auto-uploads captured pictures to FTP or the client while unlocking the door

Indoor Station

  • Half-duplex two-way audio communication with door station, master station and other indoor station
  • Volume adjustment
  • 4-ch zone alarm supported One-Touch Arm
  • Supports monitoring door stations
  • Remote unlocking when communicating with door station
  • 7-inch colorful TFT LCD with resolution 800 x 480
  • Works together with elevator controller to realize elevator control
  • Convenient installation and easy operation

Video/Audio Distributor

  • Supports Room No. decoding, video/audio signal processing and transferring
  • Storing and forwarding function
  • Flexible DIP operation, supports 1 floor with 12 households, 2 floors with 6 households each, 3 floors with 4 households each and 6 floors with 2 households each
  • Provides power for indoor station via network cable
  • Strong anti-interference to ensure the normal running of the whole system
  • Provides insulation protection for each household
  • Up to 15 distributors can be cascaded, up to 96 households for one single device
  • Suitable for wall mounting or placing on a table