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Dahua ASGB8XXX-X Dahua Swing Turnstile


Dahua Swing Turnstile

> Integrated access control module, turnstile control module, alarm module, and more

> IC card reader standard; fingerprint sensor, QR code, and face recognition modules can be added as needed

> Wired system: RS-485 and RS-232

> Applicable to indoor environment, such as industrial parks, office buildings, schools, factories, CBD, and residential areas

Dimensions 1,500 mm × 120 mm × 1,000 mm (59.05″ × 47.20″ × 39.37″)
Barrier Acrylic
Motor DC brushless servo motor
Light Curtain 20 pairs
IR Detector 10 pairs
Anti-collision Yes
Anti-pinch Yes
Memory Mode Yes
Anti-tailing Yes
Sound & Light Alarm Yes
People Counting Yes
Alarm Yes
Second Unlock Yes
Lock/Unlock Speed 0.6 s–2.4 s (adjustable)
Pass Duration 2 s–60 s (adjustable)
Lock Delay Duration 0 s–60 s (adjustable)
MCBF ≥ 5 million times
Passing Frequency 20–60 people/minute
Passage Width Standard: 600 mm
Rust Protection Level 210H
Net Passage Width Standard passage width: 600 mm
At most 1,000 mm acrylic barriers can be customized
Casing SUS304 2.0 mm
Net Weight Single turnstile module ≤ 89 kg (196.21 lb)
Double turnstile modules ≤128 kg (282.19 lb)
Gross Weight Single turnstile module ≤ 113 kg (249.12 lb)
Double turnstile modules ≤ 140 kg (308.65 lb)
Power Consumption Single-motor module turnstile: ≤ 20 W (standby), ≤ 130 W (working)
Double-motor module turnstile: ≤ 40 W (standby), ≤ 260 W (working)
Packaging Wooden box
Operating Temperature -10 °C to +60 °C (+14 °F to +140 °F)
Operating Humidity 5%–93% (RH) (non-condensing)
Operating Environment Indoor